Friday, May 22, 2009

Chocolate Lover

Why am I putting the title like that? You’ll see.
This girl requested for a moist choc cake with ganache topping and choc rice.
What will the cake looks like?

Jeng …jeng ..jeng ..

I put some grated white choc to make this cake outstanding.
Don’t you think so?
Eliza, this is really you!


Noreliza Sazni said...

nyummmm...see the cakes??..u all bleh tengok je..myself enjoying this moist choc cake with thick ganache topping...very thick...lovely..sedap hingga menjilat sudu.

seriously sedap choc cake Kak June ni.Actually i x kisah sangat pasal grated white choc tu.Yg penting choc cake ni best and really moist.Grated choc tu membuatkan orang lain terliur and i terpaksa kongsi...not only lovely look..but lovely taste

Thanks Kak June.Nanti I nak order lagi.

Anonymous said...


Noreliza Sazni said...

Congrat KakJune for having the new registered company -> The Lovely Cake Ent.