Tuesday, May 19, 2009

LITRAK Mother's Day Celebration

A friend once told me, Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated only on the 10th May.
I totally agreed with her.

These orders came from one of my old friend, Nole whose going to celebrate Mother’s Day at her office. She requested for the same version of Mother’s Day cakes posted earlier.

Talking about Nole… actually we never met since I left Malacca Girl’s High School on 1985 until another friend organised a reunion few months back. It was really a great moment!

I was speechless when she told me that she stayed at Sungai Besi.

What a small world! No wonder I macam pernah nampak dia kat pasar :)

To a great mother and friend, Happy Mother’s Day Nole! and all mothers at LITRAK
Baru lepas makan kek, sedap......bila2 boleh ode lagi

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